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The 11th Annual Smashmouth NFL Football Pool



The pool will be $70. There will be a limit of 100 players in the pool this year.


There will be NFL football pools and fantasy leagues coming through your mail, but there wonít be any quite like this.  And I promise it will be the easiest, most affordable and most fun of the bunch.  Read on for details.


Basically there will be two pools:  a Main Pool and a Survivor Pool.  You must participate in both pools.  Youíll pay once before the season and youíre done.  The pool lasts the entire season.  The cost will be $70 and thatís a one-time fee.  Read on for rules and details.


Some General Rules about the Website

Main Pool

Survivor Pool

How the Money Works

What to do now

Some General Rules about the Website


  1. On the website, we will have a place where you can contact us if any problems exist.
  2. The pool is limited to 100 people.   We do nor make any money off of this pool.  We take a small portion for hosting, domain name, and maintenance fees, but the rest goes into the pot.
  3. When you first come to the site, youíll register with a username, password, and some address information (so we know where to send the check). 
  4. Every time you come back, youíll just login, make your picks, check out the standings, etc. 
  5. The site will be smart enough to know when the first game for that week starts, so make sure your picks are in before then.  For weeks with a Thursday game, only that game needs to be picked by start of game time Thursday. All other games must be selected prior to the start of the first game of the week on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

v     Disclaimer Ė If, for any reason, you canít access the site (downtime, etc.), we will allow an email that includes the necessary information for that week.  The date and timestamp must be before the start of the games for that week, or you will miss out on that week.

v     Donít wait until the last minute to make your picks!

  1. No one will ever see your picks until after the start of the first game.  And you will be able to update your picks right up until kickoff of that first game.  Then you can view (and print) everyone elseís picks for both pools.
  2. ONE entry per person.


Main (Confidence) Pool


Each week youíll login to the website and make your picks.  You will pick the winner of each game for that week, and you will assign a point value to each one (the more confident you are in a game, the more points you put on it).  Just the winner Ö NO POINT SPREADS.  The point value will be a number between 1 and 16, using each number only once.  ** If there are less than 16 games in a particular week (bye weeks), then the lowest point values will be Ďgivení to everyone. ** Each week, a total of 136 points will be attainable.  For every game that you win, you receive the number of points you assigned to that game.  The tiebreaker will be the number of total points scored on Monday Night (the latest monday night game if multiple games on monday night).

Wednesday Games


Wednesday games will not count. Teams participating in a Wednesday game will be listed as Bye Week teams for that week.


Thursday Games

On weeks with Thursday games, if you choose, you may pick only those Thursday games prior to the start of the first game on that Thursday. When making picks, select to just "Submit Thursday Pick". You can also select all games prior to Thursday games by selecting "Submit All Picks". Either way, prior to Thursday you can always edit all game selections after your picks are made. After Thursday games start, you may always edit all other games until the first game of the week not on Thursday (includes Friday and Saturday games). If you forget your picks for Thursday, you will miss the points associated with those games, but can enter the rest of the week, including your Survivor pick. Those missed Thursday games default to 10+x, where x is each additional game beyond the typical one Thursday game (the first is 10, the second 11, the third 12, etc).


Note: You can select a Thursday game as your survivor as long as you select it prior to the start of games Thursday. You can do this either by jsut submitting thursday picks with a survivor pick, or making all picks with a survivor pick. If, after Thursday, you edit your Survivor to another game, you will not be able to go back and re-select your Thursday game pick (since it's now after Thursday and those games have either started or been played).

Survivor Pool


This pool is simple.  You pick one winner (no point spreads) per week.  If your team wins, you move on to the next week.  If your team loses (or ties, or doesn't win for any other reason), youíre out!  The only rule for this pool is that you canít use a team more than once.  For example, if you pick Dallas to win in week 1 (and they win), then you can never use them again.


There will be no option to 'share' in the Survivor pool. What this means is that there must be 1 winner - if at any point all players get knocked out without a winner, then ALL players are back in. When all players are reinstated, we will also remove the top teams from the list of survivor options. The number of teams removed will be equal to the week the remaining players were knocked out. Things will certainly be more interesting for all involved. There is one exception to this rule - this only pertains to the first 10 weeks of the season. Once week 11 hits, there will be no restarting of the survivor pool.


If all remaining players are knocked out of the pool during any week after the 10th week, those players will split the pot and the Survivor pool will be over. Conversely, if several players are all 'alive' when the season ends, those players split the survivor pool pot.


Exception (or addition) to the payout rules - If more than 10 people are scheduled for a Survivor payout (regardless of reason), only the top 10 will be paid out, with the top 10 being decided by overall season points in the season pool.

How the Money Works


Payouts are determined based on number of paid entrants. They will be posted as soon as all payment is collected and payouts are determined. This will occur before the start of the third week of the season.


EVERY YEAR IS DIFFERENT, even if # of entrants stay the same the cost of domain, web hosting, stamps, etc change may change from year to year. Please see payouts on the site once the season gets going and all money is brought in.


Generally we will make 3 weekly winner payouts.

There will be payouts for the first quarter (weeks 1-4), second quarter (weeks 5-8), third quarter (weeks 9-12), and fourth quarter (weeks 13-16). Generally 4 payouts here.

There will be season winners based on overall score for the entire season. Generally 6 payouts.


Survivor pool:

There will be ONE Survivor winner (around $500)


The managers of SM Football do not make any money off of this football pool (except when we win!). 


Again, number and amount of payouts will be posted for all to see no later than the third week.


v     The Survivor pool is a winner take all pool.


What to Do Now


Reserve your spot ...

  1.  Send $70 to (or through PayPal (it's easy and secure, and they accept credit cards, you don't need a Paypal account)

  2. Be one of the 100! 
  3. Register here at

You can not reserve a spot by just paying us money. Especially if this occurs prior to the site opening up. Your only gaurantee of a spot is to have both 1) paid and 2) registered on Only doing one of those does not hold a spot.


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